In her latest post, FPJ's Ang Probinsyano star Agot Isidro prove that bashers and Dutertetards will not break her.In the said post,  Isidro airs how she handle her controversial Psychopath issue against Pres.Duterte.

She also expressed how blessed she is for having her family and friends amid the buzz. Isidro felt relief as she spent her time with them last Sunday night knowing she got their support and love.But she is still feel sorry for her family for dragging their name to the issue and for being big mouth.


She ended her post with " But dont let the hatred break you.We are tougher than that."

Oh what a day....

So many friends sending love amidst the hate.But Sunday family dinner tonight was exactly what I needed to end this day (well, that and a recently concluded massage). I was worried about them because I know they are worried for me.


But it was business as usual. I noticed full force attendance hence, the shortage of food, but still overflowing with love and support and a lot of laughs!
To my family, I love you beyond words, Sorry for being a big mouth.

But don't let the hatred break you. We are tougher than that.


SOURCE: ph-uncut

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