And many of his critics, both domestically and abroad, have called him out for it. President Duterte is not shy in using cuss words and insults in his speech. He even insulted the United States and the United Nations.

While many say that they don’t mind the President’s use of cuss words, many say that his behavior is not fit for a President.

Shockingly, Duterte said that he had a change of mind. Why?

The President claimed that God spoke to him during one of his flights.

“I was looking at the skies while coming here. And everyone was sleeping and snoring. A voice said ‘If you don’t stop, I will bring this plane down now.’ I asked who it was. Of course, it was God. So I promised God to stop using cuss words," Duterte said

He promised not to use cuss words to refer to people anymore, including the Unite States, the United Nations, and even Senator Leila De Lima.

Duterte shocked everyone when he used no profanity in Japan.

But some people are confounded about President’s encounter with God.

Cynthia Patag went viral after posting this:

“When we talk to God, is prayer.”

“When God talks to us, it is called schizophrenia.”

SOURCE: netizensph

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