Lorraine Marie T. Badoy, a known supporter of President Duterte, Doctor, Human Rights Advocate and daughter of a former Sandiganbayan Associate Justice slammed the actress Agot Isidro for calling President Duterte ‘psychopath’

She rebutted Isidro post against President Duterte, asking the actress how an elite suffer hunger when the American and E.U aid withdrawn in the Philippines.

Lorraine Marie compared Agot to a wife who stays with a partner who repeatedly abused her and loves her oppressors. In response of Agot post that PH will suffer hunger if the US aid withdrawn, Lorraine Marie said that he would not let his daughters feet remain tiny and useless, “I will not be the mother who will bind her own daughter’s feet so they remain tiny and useless. I will instead unbound her feet and I will tell her to RUN FREE!””

She also mentioned Heneral Luna’s famous quote ““Wala ba tayong karapatan mabuhay ng malaya?”

Netizens lauds Lorraine Marie for defending the President against criticisms.

Lorraine Marie also said that President Rody Duterte wants to unchain Ms. Isidro from the oppressors.

Before she ended the post, Lorraine Marie told Agot “kaw ang forever Third World. Wag mo kaming idamay”

SOURCE: Pinoytrending

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