Senator Leila De Lima’s ex-security aide testifies to romantic relationship between her and Ronnie Dayan at the House Committee’s probe regarding the illegal drug trade inside the National Penitentiary or National Bilibid Prison.

Jonel Sanchez a former member of Presidential Security Group(PSG) became an security aide of Sen. De Lima from July 2010 to May 2015.

According to his testimony, Sanchez was guarding De Lima when the former Department of Justice Secretary visited the National Bilibid Prison. He also saw De Lima talking to the gang leaders inside the Bilibid Prison.

The driver and alleged lover of Sen. De Lima, Ronnie Dayan was also their “boss” and he gave instructions and orders from De Lima. Dayan was also the godfather of the youngest daughter of Sanchez, an evidence that Dayan has a close relationship with Sanchez.

Sanchez admitted that he noticed Dayan and De Lima slept in the same room many times.

“nakumpirma ko na may relasyon ang dalawa dahil si Ronnie dayan ay sa bahay ni SOJ De Lima natutulog. Maging sa mga out of towns na lakad namin, silang dalawa ay magkasama sa iisang kwarto” Sanchez told the committee.

He also noticed the sweetness of Dayan and De Lima every time when they are traveling, the audience also laughed when they heard the testimony of Sanchez.



“Kapansin pansin ang sweetness nila. Habang kami ay bumabyahe papuntang probinsiya sila po ay nagsusubuan ng nilagang saging saba.” Sanchez added.

Sanchez also shared that De Lima bought many things for Ronnie Dayan, like clothes, shoes and liquor.

The ex-security aide of De Lima also admitted that he saw the two private video of SOJ De Lima and Ronnie Dayan and he described some of the details of the video.

Sanchez said in his testimony that no one forced him to testify and he voluntarily became a witness to clean his name.

He also confirmed that Ronnie Dayan became jealous of Warren Cristobal who mentioned by President Duterte, allegedly became a lover of De Lima.

That jealousy became the reason of misunderstanding of De Lima and Dayan. On March 2015, Ronnie Dayan was removed by De Lima as her driver and he was replaced by Warren Cristobal.

Other security aides of De Lima also noticed the ‘closeness’ of Cristobal and De Lima. She also asked Cristobal if he like the expensive gun that she owned, on the next day, Warren already owned the gun that De Lima offered to him.

SOURCE: dutertenews

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