A facebook post of a Filipino-American Dave Jonathan Lamar has gone viral on the internet after he expressed his feelings how proud he is after a person like President Rodrigo Duterte is leading the country. 

Dave Jonathan who raised in the Philippines, said that for the first time, he saw people respected the leadership of the current administration and most of the people in the Philippines shared the same sentiments about President Duterte.

He also knows that the Duterte used unorthodox language for a President, but he lauds him for being sincere in his words without the help of speech writer. 

He also supported the criticisms of President Duterte to Barack Obama even he was living in United States of America right now. 

“There are millions of AMERICANS that hate Obama because he’s the complete opposite of Duterte. He may be clean cut, speak more eloquently and be more “classy” than Duterte but actions speak louder than any flowery or colorful word you can utter.” John Dave said to his Facebook post. 

He also explained that President Duterte was trying to tell the Filipino people to stop their colonial mentality and start having pride in their own country.

“I love the Philippines and it’s people! I think it’s about time we take a hint from Duterte and we start having more pride in this beautiful country just because we are Filipinos and not for anything else. For the first time there is a leader and president that I finally respect.” He added 

He also thanked the President for doing something good for the Philippines despite of his controversial statements, he believes that Duterte’s action speaks louder than his words. 

“Mr. President, thank you for everything you do for the Filipino people! I know you’re not perfect, but your actions clearly speak louder than any curse word you utter.”

SOURCE: medianews

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