Former President and now Manila Mayor Joseph “Erap” Ejercito Estrada gave Duterte a very good grade of 91 percent in his first 100 days as President.

“Dapat hindi bababa…tataas pa sa 91 percent,” Estrada said when the reporters asked how he would grade the first 100 days of the Duterte Administration.

He believes that the President must be given a higher grade to encourage him to continue the war on drugs and the other reforms that he want to implement.

Erap also supported the President for his statements against United States of America and European Union.

“Matagal na tayong independent, lahat sila nakikiaalam. Ngayon kung hihingi tayo ng tulong sa kanila, ‘yun….Mga bobo ba mga Filipino?”


Estrada believes that standing in our feet is difficult at first, but he said that Philippines cannot beg forever in other countries.

“Eh, wala tayong magagawa d’un.Kaya naman natin kung talagang magsisikap tayo, e. Magpapalimos na lang ba tayo habambuhay?” Estrada added.

He also urged everyone to help the current administration so the Independent Foreign Policy can be achieved easily.

“Tulung-tulong lang tayong malagay sa ayos ang ating bansa.Wala kasi tayong malasakit sa ating bansa,”

Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada is one of the critics of President Duterte during the campaign period saying that President Duterte is only fit to become a Mayor.


SOURCE: trendingnewsportal

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