French newspaper Libération headline about President Duterte became a hot topic in the Philippines after they labeled the President of the Philippines as a Serial Killer.

The headline “Rodrigo Duterte, Le président serial killer” that released on October 7’s issue hurts the eyes of the Pro Duterte supporters in the Philippines and criticised the newspaper for being ‘harsh’.

But actually, story that written by Libération’s special envoy in Manila and Davao only attempts to explain the reason why President Duterte is still popular despite of his bloody war against drugs

According to the issue of Libération about President Duterte that you can read in their website, the special envoy explained Duterte’s popularity despite of his controversial statements and actions against criminals.

Libération also explained the life of Davao City under Duterte’s term as Mayor for 22 years.

President Duterte’s social media director Pompee La Viña was also interviewed by the newspaper’s envoy in Manila. 

A la Une de @libe ce vendredi: "Rodrigo Duterte, le président serial killer" Enquête et reportage @ArnaudVaulerin

SOURCE: uncut! 

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