MANILA, Philippines – Convicted drug lord and syndicate leader Jaybee Sebastian has stated that the main source of illegal drugs in the Philippines are coming from China and North Korea.

“Yung main source of drugs po ay galing sa China at North Korea po talaga,” says Jaybee Sebastian.

Jaybee testifies against Sen. De Lima

High profile convict Jaybee Sebastian, testifying at the legislative inquiry of the House of Representatives, disclosed that he gave cash to then Justice Secretary Leila De Lima and was ordered to raise money to help her in the elections.

Sebastian, who denied being a government asset, said he gave a total of P10 million, on various occasions, to De Lima – once directly to De Lima at the office of then Bureau of Corrections Franklin Bucayu, and the rest of the amount to Joenel Sanchez, a former aide of De Lima.

He said Sanchez demanded of him P5-million as monthly quota from the drug and contraband trade inside the New Bilibid Prison.

He said he met De Lima inside the penitentiary eight times to 12 times.

In December 2014, a few days after a raid at the penitentiary, Sebastian said he handed P2 million to Sanchez destined for De Lima.

A few days after, he said he was made to converse with a female, whom he assumed was De Lima. He said he was able to confirm that his “Christmas gift,” referring to the cash, was received by De Lima.

In his affidavit which he read before the committee, he indicated he saw De Lima and Sanchez holding hands, and observed the then Justice Secretary refer to Sanchez as “sweetie.”

Sanchez, who testified before the committee on Friday last week, had disclosed, however, that De Lima had a relationship with her driver, Ronnie Dayan.

Sebastian testified that drugs and other contraband freely came in and out of Bilibid, with the permission of some prison guards and officials, who, he said he would name, in an executive session.

He asserted that he does not consider or describe himself, but Herbert Colanggo, as the most influential inmate inside the penitentiary.

SOURCE: themaharlikan

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