Tensions between Russia and the US are reaching their highest levels since the Cold War, as it has been reported that both countries are preparing for war. Reports suggest that the CIA are using resources to plan a cyber attack against the Kremlin, whilst the Russian media are broadcasting what to do if war was to hit the country.

The Russian city of Moscow has been prepping civilians for potential war by instructing them to check on the availability of bomb shelters as well as purchasing gas masks in the eventuality of war, it has been revealed. Many defence experts believe that Russia is attempting to distract the Western world by saying it would want to go to war, so that fewer countries focus on the increasing Russian presence in Syria.

The US have responded to Russia’s claims, with NBC revealing that the CIA are preparing a cyber attack on Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, according to intelligence officials. The operation has been prepared so that Russian intelligence cannot interfere with the upcoming presidential election, according to Vice-President Joe Biden. Biden states: ‘We’re sending a message. We have the capacity to do it. It will be at the time of our choosing, and under the circumstances that will have the greatest impact.
In a bid to halt interference from Russian intelligence, Joe Biden announced that the CIA are planning a covert cyber attack to ensure that there is no influence from Russian authorities in the upcoming presidential election.


In response, the Russian media has been issuing statements about what to do in the event of a war. This includes news bulletins warning civilians to familiarize themselves with the nearest bomb shelters and notifying the population which government bodies would take command if war was to occur.

What’s more, Russian forces have moved nuclear-capable Iskander ballistic missiles to the Baltic Ocean, raising concern with neighbouring countries such as Poland and Estonia. Polish Defence Minister Antoni Macierewicz considers the matter of ‘highest concern’, and the government is monitoring the situation.

SOURCE: newstrend

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