There’s no need to “unfriend” longstanding allies such as the United States (US) and European countries just to make friends with the likes of China and Russia.

This was Vice President Leni Robredo’s unsolicited advice to President Rodrigo Duterte Wednesday (October 5) amid the latter’s continuing tirades against the West.

“It’s okay to be allies with China and Russia, but we don’t need to remove friends as a result of that. We should make room for more room for more friends,” Robredo told reporters.

“[Duterte] should reach out to as many countries as possible. Our friendship should not be exclusive to China or Russia. He should think of his statements long and hard,” said the lady politiko, who is part of the Liberal Party (LP).

Recently, firebrand president Duterte told US President Barack Obama to “to go hell” for disagreeing with him over his aggressive anti-illegal drugs campaign.

As for the European Union (EU), the Filipino leader suggested the “purgatory”. He had earlier told the 28-member block, “fuck you”.

“Everything that the President says should not be personal. As public officials, everything that we say is a policy. He should be more careful in dealing with other countries,” Robredo said.

SOURCE: Politiko

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