This is the statement of President Rodrigo Duterte as he guaranteed Filipinos that there’s nothing to fear about building better ties with China and Russia.

He emphasized that the two countries are no longer communist.

Shortly after his arrival from three-day official visit in Japan, Duterte faced media men in a news conference and was asked about Russian Ambassador Igor Khovaev’s admission that the country had a negative image among Filipinos.

The Russian ambassador told GMA News that this was because of the portrayals of Hollywood movies.

Duterte said that China and Russia do not deserved the critics of Filipinos who may not be aware on the recent development of the two countries.

"I do not have to answer this simpleton. Wala nang komunista ngayon. The Communist Party is really for the control, para hindi sasabog. There are billions of them," he said.

"Pero kung sabihin mo, sa commune. Those were the propaganda days of the Americans during the Cold War. I tell you, hindi ganung kalupit ang mga tao doon, kasi kababayan nila," he added.

"Komunista? Ang ganda, ang yaman doon. Lahat doon... ang Lexus taxi lang doon. Lahat doon naka sports (car)," he said about his recent trip to Beijing.

His recent official visit in China has turned billions of investments for the country.

SOURCE: allthingspinoy

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