Because of his solid statements on issues concerning President Rodrigo Duterte, political analyst Antonio Contreras has received several criticisms to the point of calling him as Duterte apologist or a Dutertard

But amid of all criticism, he doesn’t care at all.

On his Facebook post that went viral:

Well-meant friends expressed concern that I will be labeled as a Duterte apologist, or a Dutertard.I had to assure them that I don't care.I have fought Grace Poe and Leni Robredo, and drew the ire of their supporters. I have been trolled and bashed and libeled.I have been called a paid hack of Binay, a Marcos loyalist.That is the beauty of democracy. People are free to label me, and they are entitled to their fallacies and errors, and flaws. Stupidity is now a cheap commodity considering that there is such an overwhelming supply of it around.Now, what I would surely mind is when someone will accuse me of being a yellow fanatic. That is unforgivable.
Netizens were quick to support Contreras’ post.

Anong masama sa pagiging " Dutertards" atleast kami iyong pinaglalaban namin nanalo, e iyong pinaglalaban ng iba talo na nga hindi pa mag move on. Better to be called dutertard than yellow fanatic--anytime, anyday including sundays and holidays!

"Now, what I would surely mind is when someone will accuse me of being a yellow fanatic." --> Panalong panalo ito, Sir Ton!

SOURCE: allthingspinoy 

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  1. panalo ka sir!!! ipagpatuloy mo po ang iyong magandang paninindigan para sa kinabukasan ng ating bayan!!! mabuhay po kayo!!! let us support our president!!! cya ang pag asa ng bansang Pilipinas!!! Mabuhay ang ating pangulo Rody Duterte!!!

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