On Thursday (October 13, 2016), De Lima had her speech at the College of Holy Spirit in Manila, regarding democracy and human rights. 

 The senator said that the fight was not for her own benefit but a battle in the mind of the Filipinos. She was alarmed by the increasing EJK incidents happening in the country since she sits as a senator. 

 She also points the allegations linking her with the illegal drug trade happened at the New Bilibid Prison Also, she was accused of having a relationship with her former male employees including her driver Ronnie Dayan. She was also accused of giving a questionable bank account containing a large amount of money on her former employees. 

 “I am here not to call on you to fight for me. I am here to ask you to fight the greatest fight our nation has faced since the People Power Revolution. But it is not a fight against the President. The battlefield is the Filipino people’s minds,” said by De Lima quoted by Inquirer. 

 The senator said that the president’s dictatorship causes fear to our countrymen regarding the drug cases. She also said that there’s a president is above the law and higher that its people.

 “We have to fight back and reclaim our sanity, our moral compass, our social being, our very humanity and, most critically, our democracy… I see warriors for democracy, but not just any democracy. Not a democracy that is infected with the ‘troll viruses and characterized by the loss of decency,” she said. 

 Leila also questions Duterte’s war on drugs amid EJK incidents were only happened to poor people while convicted drug lords detained on House of Representatives and were granted to testify against her.

SOURCE: Pinoynews

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