Nordic countries or the Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark have shown their interest to invest and do more business, as they were amazed on the 10-point socio-economic agenda of the Duterte administration.

This was expressed by the Nordic ambassadors who shared that their target was to double the next five years of the  existing bilateral trade between the Philippines and the Nordic countries, according to a report of Inquirer.

“We want to participate in the future of the Philippines and in the 10-point agenda. We’re going to look at the opportunities to build and transform businesses, transfer skills, and technology, find business partnerships and outsource business processes here. We believe that the Nordic countries have the right skills, technology and products to support the realization of the 10-point socioeconomic agenda. We also believe that the Nordic markets offer exciting business opportunities for Philippine businesses for goods and services,” Lundqvist explained.

Meanwhile, Danish Ambassador Jan Top Christensen also expressed interest to the Philippines.

“With consistent and clear policy announcements and quick implementation, more Danish companies will engage with the Philippines,” he said.

Norwegian Ambassador Erik Forner said that the Duterte administration is “doing a good job” to end the conflict and to ease the process of foreigners doing business in the countries.


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