NEW YORK–US President-elect Donald Trump has this morning warned New York City Fil-Am community leader Loida Nicolas-Lewis for disrespecting the Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte who according to Trump is doing exactly what it should be done to fight drugs,injustice and corruption in the Philippines. 

Speaking on Wednesday, Trump accused Loida for working with drug-lords in the Philippines and people who are not ready for the change.

Who hell do you think you are to disrespect the will of the people? Duterte is democratically elected. People desperately want change and it has just started.

You and your yellow cohorts will do just about everything to grab power even at the cost of destroying the current government,

I will not allow Duterte’s efforts to be derailed by selfish people like you,we know you are paid to taint Duterte’s name,i will evict you from America if you continue to disrespect the Philippines President never again to yellow government.

Never again to incompetence and indifference. Never again to corruption,stay firm my brother Duterte.” Trump remarked.

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