The President was being issued upon by certain media carriers that seem to cut or to emphasize the news that no longer look true.

At his speech in Pampanga, the President could no longer contain his disgust and annoyance towards the biased news that these specific media delivers.

"Galit ako sa Central Bank. Alam mo itong AMLC, they have the blanket authority na silipin nila.  Sabi nila madami akong pera, 211 million, oh bakit hindi niyo ako dinemanda? Diba bilyun-bilyon nga sabi ng Inquirer. Lahat ng garbage (media), kasali na diyan ABS-CBN" -The President himself, Rodrigo Duterte.

This conerns about the so called "exposure" of the President's ill-gotten wealth that was deposited in BPI.

Senator Trillanes suddenly released papers regarding the issue but in the end, had no enough proof that this was indeed the President's money nor was it really ill-gotten.

The media, especially ABS-CBN, had taken their scoops in a whole new level and in such a continuous way that the citizens themselves know that they are delivering nothing but biased reports.


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