LONDON—The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom,Theresa May has expressed her wishes, saying she would wish to be genius like Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte who according to her he’s fulfilling what he promised during campaigns.“I want to be like Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte, a hardworker and an intelligent man. He’s fulfilling what he promised, and I think UK can be follow Philippines footsteps ,” said May.

May added that she’s ready to strengthen the UK-Philippines relationship “Duterte is my friend, I will work with him. Filipinos will always maintain discipline even in foreign countries like here, i love Filipinos in UK since they are hardworking like their President Mr.Duterte.

She said that the United Kingdom is going to consider to offer visa-free policy to all Filipinos going to UK courtesy of the President Duterte. “For the respect i have for Duterte,and to prove that i’m in love with his leadership, UK is going to offer Visa-free policy to all Filipinos for a period of three years,” She remarked.

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