Get your tissue boxes ready! A surprise tribute video prepared by Jackie Chan's stunt team for a ceremony honoring the actor on television has gone viral.

The clip features messages from members of Chan's stunt team from the start of his career to the present. Some members were given the chance to tell stories about Chan from the time that he was still starting as an actor. Everyone who participated took turns in expressing their gratitude for the actor.
To make the video, Chan's team sought out older members who were with the actor at the start of his career.
Chan's team also surprised him with a reunion that included all the former members. The touching tribute brought Chan to tears.
After the seeing the tribute, Chan gave a short speech to thank the JC Stunt Team:
“It has been a truly tough forty years. I hope that the team, even without Jackie Chan, will still work as a team to continue allowing Chinese wushu moves to radiate and shine.”

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