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  1. Baligtad yata ang nangyari. Baki si President Duterte ang DINIDIIN. Ngayon ng Magdalo sa WPS Conflict with China!Wala Pa naman Nangyayar sa Benham Rise. Wala yan impeachment na yan Basura! Dapat ang imbestigahan Ay ang BACKDOOR NEGOTIATION Ginawa Ni Trillianes sa China sa UTO's ni Pres. PNoy! Na Bumiyiahe ng 16 TIMES sa CHINA.Ano ang Ginawa at Napag usapan, Napag Kasunduan. NAKAPAGTATAKA after the Backdoor Channeling of Trillianes! China Almost Speed Up Their Build up And Fortification in the WPS, occupied almost all the Territories and Exclusive economic zones of The Philippines. Senate and The House of Representatives MUST INVESTIGATE THIS TREASONOUS ACTIONS Of Public Official Concerned!