Under Senate Bill No. 1305, or the “Expanded Maternity Leave Law of 2017”, Senate approved the third and final reading which to expand the maternity leave to expectant mothers.

The bill was to protect and promote the welfare and greater assistance of pregnant women.

All female workers regardless of civil status or legitimacy of her child shall be granted 120 days maternity leave with pay and solo parents shall be granted of 150 days.

Granting more time for a mother to be with her new-born child, it provide the optimal environment for neonatal and maternal health.

Under Republic Act 7322, the measure’s grants fathers 30 days leave and granted only seven days of paid leave.

Thirty days of the proposed 120 day leave may be transferred to alternate caregivers such as the spouse, common-law partner, and relative up to the fourth degree of consanguinity, including adoptive parents.

Under the International Labor Organization’s Convention 183, the maternity leave law, both for the public and private sectors provides 60 days paid leave-38 days short, more than five weeks short of the minimum prescribed.


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