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  1. Nasusuka Ako sa mga headlines sa PAMBABASTOS at assuming arogante attitude Ni Delima so Di Ko read contents nito so sorry Po sa news na Ito at isa LNG prayer Ko MAY DELIMA RIP ASAP for we want to LIVE IN PEACE. Bkit pa kc binibigyan Ng media mileage ang piggy ba Yan? Every word she says means DEATH, provoker, pasaway at feeling know it all.

    The innocents she victimized are crying for justice. God will go for righteous people who pray for peace and love. She deserves death by hanging that is justice for the blood of innocents she killed by protecting drug lords...She is a criminal and only in the Philippines she is being given a special treatment...nasusuka Ako mkita Yan BASTOS na Yan...wife snatcher din sya and HOMEWRECKER.