Activist singer and former member of Apo Hiking Society Jim Paredes is a staunch critic of President Duterte and his war on drugs, but many people don’t know about his family background, especially his mother – an activist and allegedly terrorist member during late 70’s and 80’s.

Veteran actress Vivian Velez is the latest celebrity to slam former Apo Hiking Society singer Jim Paredes following a confrontation with Duterte Youth members protesting at the commemoration of the 31st EDSA People Power last Saturday, February 25.

In a Facebook post on Sunday, Velez slammed Paredes for “harping about EJK or the people who died from drugs” and reminded the latter about his mother’s role in the series of bombings in the 1980’s at the height of Marcos’ dictatorial regime where several people were injured, and at least one American was killed.

Velez was referring to Paredes’ mother, Ester Jimenez; a member of Light-A-Fire Movement along with Steven Psinakis (the Greek husband of Precy Lopez of the Lopez clan) and other prominent politicians then like Heherson Alvarez, Raul Daza and Bonifacio Gillego.

Velez also shared a link to the website Kahimyang that provides more details about the Light-A-Fire Movement and their activities during the Martial Law era.

According to Kahimyang, it was on the night of September 12, 1980, when bombs went off at Rustan’s Mall in Makati; the first of a series of explosions that followed over the next several weeks. Around 70 people were hurt in the Rustan’s blast and one American was killed.

The following month of October, more explosions rocked Metro Manila with bombs going off at the Philippine Plaza, Century Park Sheraton, and Manila Peninsula hotels.

Velez said it was at the Philippine Plaza bombing where Nonoy Zuniga lost his leg.

“Guess who pardoned his mother when she got jailed? Cory… So how can he talk about killing the innocent when his own mother has blood on her hands!” wrote Velez

According to Kahimyang, Paredes’ mother was arrested along with other members of the Light-A-Fire Movement and was sentenced to die by electric chair in 1984.

But the sentence was never carried out when Marcos was forced to step down following the People power revolt. The Supreme Court then nullified the sentences against the accused.

Jimenez died in 1997 at the age of 81.



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