The government of President Rodrigo Duterte is mum on the report of International Red Cross that former President Benigno Aquino III, former Interior Secretary Manual Roxas II, and former Social Welfare Secretary Dinky Soliman, are facing graft charges filed by three foundations at The Hague.

On Monday, February 27, the International Red Cross published a column on their annual publication about how the Yolanda victims are still suffering after 7 years of tragedy. The publication also cited that three high-ranking Philippine Officials misspent the donated funds resulting to $237 million unliquidated funds.

Red Cross’ report was based on the February 2016 report of Transparency International that $36.5 million (P1.78B) did not reach to the victims of the typhoon.

According to the column, The Rockefeller Foundation, International League of Donors, and Transparency International have filed a joint case against the three officials on February 27, 2017, and the respondents were informed a day after.

Sec. Ernesto Abella said his office was not informed and called the case “a private matter”.

The Philippine government under Pres. Duterte is also planning to file a separate but related case against the former top officials.

If found guilty, the report said the three could be thrown into the Philippine prison since the crimes were committed inside the Philippine jurisdiction.

The Rockefeller Foundation according to record of donors donated $956 million dollar through its different arms in Asia and Australia, while ILD foundation members has donated more than $600 million from different corporations worldwide.

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