One post from Facebook netizen Arianne Brigitte Reyes has gone viral, hitting 98 thousand reactions and 12,619 shares!

She shared a photo of a girl wearing a school uniform holding a cup with liquid inside. The student was slowly falling to sleep, Arianne recalled, when she thought of a 'hugot' line.

The jeep halted and the juice from the cup spilled to the student's feet, jolting her to awaken.

Arianne realized while looking at the sleeping student that people need something to serve as a wake-up call before they see the reality in front of them.

Read her full post here:

Netizens were amused by Arianne because who would've thought of her 'hugot' while looking at a fellow passenger inside a jeep? It was a moment of genius, and yet it talks the truth about most people.

Sometimes, even when things are too obvious, we choose to disregard it and go on with what is convenient for us.


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