Network giant ABS-CBN Broadcasting corporation broke its silence regarding the non-renewal issue of the company’s operating permit that will expire on 2020.

The said statement was published in the social media platform Instagram after it has been reported in the Philippine Daily Inquirer that the biggest radio-TV network is bound to fail for its intent to renew operating franchise.

In their statement, it was said that the network giant filed as early as Semptember 2014 but decided to withdraw the application with the intent of seeking renewal in the 17th congress.

However, ABS-CBN claimed that the franchise will not be extended for the majority of 17th congress legislators are in the side of President Rodrigo Duterte.

ABS-CBN believes on the other hand that the government should uphold the ideals of democracy including the rights to freedom of speech and expression.

“Franchise renewal of its television and radio operations they filed in the 16th congress but withdrew it. Now they have to file it again in the coming 17th congress under the administration of Duterte as their franchise expires in 2020, and because ABS-CBN was biased against Duterte during the campaign period, they're now thinking that their application for a franchise renewal might not be approved by the 17th congress because majority of the congressmen and senators now sides with the Duterte administration. Hope this answers your query @maria29888,” said username thisisciongsantos in the comment section of their post. 


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  1. If you commit a crime like estafa and your guilty of it of course you will be punish. If you go to a network station ask to air your advertisement and you pay for it and the network accept your money but failed to air your advertisement. That is ESTAFA. Plain and simple. That is what happen in PDu30 case of ABS CBN.