Filipino's "bayanihan and walang iwanan" unique and can change  the world, says Irish citizen

Mike Grogran, an Irish national shared a one-minute video on his Facebook page where he shared why he found the Philippines as a country worth loving.

He said that two traits that are present among Filipinos and not in any other nationalities are "bayanihan" and "walang iwanan".

Grogan said that these two concepts can help Filipinos change the world.

"I believe the Philippines can change the world with bayanihan. I dream of a bayanihan first class, first world Philippines in our lifetime,"

"Naniniwala ako sa Pilipino, naniniwala ako sa Pilipinas," he added.

He said that the country has made him a better man, and claimed that the Philippines can change the world.

Grogan added however, that this could only happen if the countrymen believe.

"So let me ask my final question, naniniwala ba kayo?," he said.

Grogan is a lean management expert and an inspirational speaker and lecturer.  He has arranged several lectures and forums in Metro Manila.

Watch video here:

SOURCE: Mike Grogan

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