Malou Tiquia, a political expert and former campaign strategist for Vice President Leni Robredo threw criticims at her after the VP delivered a message to the United Nations where she reported on the country's status quo with the ongoing operations for President Rodrigo Duterte's drug war.

"That statement on palit ulo and the video produced are truly bothersome because, lies were peddled, lies will be shown in an international forum on human rights and said by a sitting Vice President, hitting directly the incumbent, PRRD," Tiquia said.

She said not only did Robredo shoot the Philippine National Police with men and women struggling because of internal conflicts, she also shot the country "for gold".

She said Robredo has not even given any real programs for solutions.

"I never thought that the crown was so important to you that you are willing to peddle a story without proof. So "palit ulo" is the new word to the frame what you yourself kept saying, "culture of impunity, hate and anger," she said.

Tiquia said that is she truly saddened that Robredo lacked respect for institutions, even saying that Robredo's late husband Jesse despite hardships never attacked but simply worked.

"You want the presidency? Get it, grab it, burn it...but we will stand, build a wall around it, hold it strong until you and your power hungry group realize that the only way to go is red," she said.

"When you shoot my country down, I will take an issue on the lies, chicanery and the propaganda you spew. You caused your being boxed in. You only have yourself to blame and probably the core around you who continually pulls you away from your base and the promise of being," she said.


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