Infidelity is probably one of the biggest reasons why many couples break up, and married couples divorce. Cheating on your partner can be damaging not only to the both of you, but to your children as well. So before engage in sexual relationships outside your marriage, always think of the people who will get hurt in the process—or simply never get caught!

This guy was caught red-handed by his wife and her family, as he and his mistress were having a ‘hot night’ at a hotel. Still half-naked from the love-making, the mistress tries hard to cover herself with her striped shirt. The husband on the other hand, tried to cover himself up with a pillow, while several family members attacked him with numerous kicks to the body. The wife was less violent as she simply tugged on the mistress’ shirt, trying to strip her.
An older woman then jumps into the bed, and does the deed herself. She yanks the woman’s shirt off, leaving her completely naked!
Though it was unclear where the incident happened, the video was traced to Chinese website Weibo, which has been posted last year. It has made its rounds on the internet again, after it was re-uploaded to YouTube a few days ago.


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