Just in time with the issue of network giants' operating franchise renewal period, Presidential sister Jocellyn Dueterte Villarica emphasized the Tri-Media is now losing its grip to over power the Filipino people.

In her Facebook post, Jocellyn started her statement sharing that she used facebook because from the very start the tri-media will not support her brother President Rodrigo Duterte during the 2016 election campaign period.

Jocellyn was firm in her opinion that up to now, tri-media is using its power to destabilize and criticize her brother by highlighting that he has a bad image.

However, Jocellyn's hope was awaken with the advent of social media because she believes that this is information provider is here to educate and inform Filipino people.

"With the coming of the SOCIAL MEDIA, The tri-media of today will not have the same force and influence that they held for so long. The voice of the people which was hindered will now be heard, and the so called TRUTH according to the them, especially the big networks run by the elites will lose the monopoly on what is behind the news," she quoted.

The presidential sister also hit the tri-media owners stressing that they are only using the media for their own benefit, and even distort news just to gain profit.

"We all know that most media practioners are protecting their own interest, they are beholden to their boss  and CEO, and those engaged in making it their milking cow to distort the truth of  the real and relevant issues that would benefit the people and to enligten the public...your days are numbered," added Jocellyn.

Jocellyn believes the Filipino people are finally getting educated and informed through the social media.


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