An avid fan of radio program Wanted sa Radyo anchored by Raffy Tulfo received satisfaction after the said program addressed her problem.

During the live air of the show, Lyza Lorenzo, a three year old girl spoke to express her problem that she cannot play outside their home because a group of people keep on playing ball games.

“I want to tell that somebody hit me always. I want to play outside with my bike but I can’t because they are playing,” said Lyza.

Her mother said the same thing, because of the ball games happening in front of their home, it disturbs them most of the time and her child couldn’t play outside with her bicycle.

“Sobrang nakakaistorbo po. Pumapasok sa bahay naming. Yung aso naming nagwawala. Yung anak ko, gusting mag bike. Kase lagi syang nababato,” the mother said.

Tulfo addressed this issue thru talking to the barangay secretary and promise to settle everything.

Tulfo added Lyza is his avid fan and he wanted to make her happy.

Lyza goes to the studio frequently because she says that Wanted sa Radyo entertains her well.

This three year old little girl entertained everyone during the air of the segment because she is very fluent in speaking English.

Watch the video below :

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