The Commission on Human Rights was supposed to commend the police for arresting a remnant of the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG).

But in a sudden turn of events, the police in Bohol face an in depth probe after Saad Samad Kiram, alias Abu Saad, was killed.

CHR-7 Director Arvin Odron found the claim of the police “suspicious” and hence worthy of investigation.

“The person was already arrested, and yet why did he die? That is death in the hands of a law enforcement body or the government—the same entity which is supposed to serve and protect its people regardless of status, whether criminal or not,” he told the Inquirer over the phone.

“He (Kiram) was a suspected terrorist. The police should know that he, at any time, might escape or fight back. They should not have given him the opportunity to escape (if there really was an attempt to flee),” he added.

He said he would talk to CHR chairman Chito Gascon regarding the matter.

“We want to know the trajectory of the bullets that hit him (Kiram). We will determine whether or not he was shot at close range and all other details on the manner he was shot,” he said.

“Yesterday, the man was arrested. Today’s he’s dead. Not because he was a suspected terrorist that deserves less treatment. We must remember that he still is a human being,” Odron said.

“If he were to defecate, the police should have dropped by the nearest police station. What happened creates a thinking that he (Kiram) was asked to run and then he was shot,” he said.

Source:  inquirer

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  1. They behead their victims, and you still regard them as people? How about their victims? Are they the animals?

    An abu sayyaf dies under police custody, good riddance.