Photos of two people in love and about to get married can be very heartwarming to look at. However, a professional photography services provider is now is being criticized, after it featured a teenage couple in what can be thought of as a prenuptial photo shoot. This is because many netizens suggest that the young couple is still too young to fall in love. 
As posted at Filipino Live Radio Facebook page this Wednesday, May 17, a teenage boy and a teenage girl posed as sweet lovers who seemed to be getting married soon. There are ten photos of them, and each of them have watermark by Shantensity Photography, suggesting that those photos were taken by a professional photographer. 

But as you can see, the young couple look like grade-school pupils based on their physical appearance. Some netizens suggested that the girl is still wearing a baby bra, while the boy looks like he have just started growing his permanent teeth. Many of them condemned the parents of the teenage couple for allowing them to get married at a very young age.

On the other hand, some netizens requested not to make conclusions based on the photos alone. According to them, it could be that the boy and the girl are not really a couple, and were only paid to to pose for the puppy love prenuptial photo shoot. Others suggested that they could by aspiring events coordinator, or are simply friends who love modelling.

Credit: Filipino Live Radio Facebook

As of posting, the names of the two young teenagers in question remains unknown. Shantensity Photography has also not yet commented on these photos, and we could not find their official website or Facebook page. we at FILIPINEWS don’t agree with these photos. We also think that these teens should focus first in their studies.

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