The Philippine military on Monday said a suspected Abu Sayyaf extremist who held two people hostage at Barangay Kahayag in Calape, Bohol has been killed.

Lt. Col. Joel Malig of the 47th Infantry Battalion said the suspect, identified as alias "Asis", was gunned down at Barangay Lawis, Pangangan island in the same town.

Authorities are still hunting for a second suspect identified as alias "Ubayda." They are confident their search will end within the day since the suspect sustained gunshot wounds on the back of his leg.

Pursuit operations against the bandits were launched after they held hostage an old man and his grandchild, allegedly asking for food.

The old man gave them food while residents reported their presence to the authorities.

Law enforcers then chased the bandits, who were initially aboard a stolen black motorcycle near a mangrove area in the said barangay.

The two were supposedly part of an 11-man Abu Sayyaf group which attacked the town of Inabanga in April. The encounter with the military resulted in the deaths of 9 people, including 5 terrorists.

Monday's confrontation happened about 3 to 4 towns away from the location of the April clash, and is 30 to 40 kilometers away from the capital Tagbilaran.

- reports from Annie Fe Perez, ABS-CBN News

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