Atty Paula Defonsor-Knack, international lawyer and the sister of late Senator Miram Defensor-Santiago in her Facebook page got into a verbal duel with Ateneo School of Government dean, Atty. Antonio La Vina.

Knack shared on Sunday a column article by La Vina  published in the Manila Standard which she said spoke of a possibility that the complaint filed against President Rodrigo Duterte in the International Criminal Court by Atty. Jude Sabio will move faster than expected.

She also claimed that La Vina visited the Philippine Embassy and that he said that he met with Judge Raul Pangalangan, who was elected as ICC judge in 2015.

The post read, "A few weeks ago, Prof. La Vina visited the PH Embassy. He said he met with Judge Pangalangan at the ICC. In his Manila column today while the ASEAN summit is ongoing, he reveals" the ICC case will move faster than expected.

She then commented, "That's fun. Mexico's drug war with the US won't be charged, only Pres. Duterte et.al."

The complaint filed by lawyers to the ICC to stop the Mexican drug war did not push through.

La Vina then commented in the post saying that the claim by Knack was not  true.

"I do not mention the embassy or Judge Pangalangan at all in the column. I only mention the statement of the ICC prosecutor last October,"

Knack answered by saying that the post did not say that the embassy or the judge were mentioned in the column, and asked La Vina to reread her post.

"But you said in the embassy you said went to Judge Pangalangan in the ICC. You happened to talk about it to the Legal Advisor of the Philippine Embassy mismo because you were not using your head."

She said she is in charge of peace and security issues he is unaware of.

"Just to let you know Judge Pangalangan in a separate occasion in the Embassy also warned against "COMPLACENCY" in the ICC. EXACTLY THE SAME WORD. NABASA MO  BA ISIP NI PANGALANGAN? THAT IS STRANGE. Nagmeeting lang kayo, pareho na dictionary nyo. BAKIT PAREHO SINABI NYO?"

She also questioned how the dean and a student got funding for their European Justice Project on the Philippine drug war.

"For whom are you working? It does not appear to be Ateneo."

Here's the post of Atty. Paula Defensor-Knack:

Paula Defensor-Knack knocks out Antonio La Viña in a verbal duel

SOURCE: Paula Defensor Knack

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