In an interview with Mike Enriquez on Super Radyo DZBB, Robredo firmly said that she’s being used to hear accusations that she has plans to covet the presidency from President Rodrigo Duterte.

Vice President Leni Robredo said she do not plan to run for the presidential race after her vice presidency in 2020.

She advised the people to investigate about the duties and function of a vice president which is to be ready in case something will happen to the president.

“Ambisyosa, yun ang paratang nila. Lahat gusto nating maging pangulo. Yun ang mahirap talaga Mike yung may paratang na ganyan. Dapat kase tignan natin yung specific duties and function ng bise president. Nakalagay  lang talaga ay yung prepared in case something happens to the president kaya palaging suspect na may pagnanasa o nasa kabila ng mga impeachment. Pero yung mga nakakailala sa akin, alam ang totoo,” said Robredo when asked about her stand that people see her ambitious.

Enriquez in his follow up question asked if what will be her plans after 2020.

Robredo went straightforward that she doesn’t have a plan yet but it is clear to her that she will not run in the next presidential elections. According to her she only wanted to finish her work.

“Wala pa tayong balak. Ang gusto lang natin ay matapos, yungt hindi na gagambalahin ang pagtapos at paggawa sa mga functions at duties. Alam kong matagal pa pero wala po akong balak na tumakbo sa pagka president sa 2022,” Robredo answered.

The vice president also said she will not consider running even if there will be a signature campaign for her to convince her to continue her political career.

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Source: Super Radyo DZBB 594khz

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